Test Strategy vs Test Plan

Test Strategy: The test strategy describes the approach that the test team will use to test the software. If you were presented with a product to test, you'd need to decide if it's better to use black-box testing or white-box testing.

Once you decide test strategy then you can plan what are the modules you want to test, schedules, risks etc. This need prepared one more document for test plan. Some companies have a strategy or approach section in the test plan, others have a seperate document.

Test Plan: Test Plan is used to organize testing activities. Elements used in test plan:

a. Table of Contents
b. Objective of testing
c. Personnel responsible for each task
d. Personnel contact-info
e. Relevant naming conventions
f. Features to be Tested, Features not to be Tested
g. Assumptions and dependencies
h. Test environment - hardware, operating systems, Browsers etc
i. Project risk analysis
j. Initial smoke testing period and criteria
k. Process used to manage the bugs
l. Test suspension and restart criteria
m. Duration of test

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