Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report

Command: powercfg -ENERGY or powercfg /energy

If you are running your Windows 7  machine on a laptop or in any battery enabled machine then try powercfg /energy command. powercfg /energy command, analyze the system for common energy-efficiency and battery life problems in Windows 7. 

This command gives the efficiency and effectiveness of power management details in notebook, laptop, netbook and nettop computers, which depends on battery to power up when not plug into AC power adapter or charger. This command gives you the answer of the following question:

"Why your battery life of your laptop and notebook is not as good as the manufacturers claim?"

Steps to run the command:
1. Switch on the machine
2. Turn off UAC (user account control settings) and restart your system 
3. Go go Command prompt
4. Write powercfg /energy on command prompt and press enter key from the keyboard
6. Launch the application on which you want to perform the test
7. Wait for 60 seconds (test to complete )
8. Verify the details in energy-report.html which will save on your machine

We just need to run this command from the command prompt with administrator privileges. This command will perform a 60 second analysis of the computer’s energy consumption and provide us with a detailed report.

-OUTPUT <FILENAME>: Specify the path and filename to store the energy report HTML file.
-XML: Format the report file as XML.

Analysis Results includes the following elements:
a. Errors
b. Warnings
c. Information

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