Free Automation Tools used for Software Testing

1. Add-on Pinger to find broken links:
Firefox Add-on Pinger 1.0.2
Pinger Description - Looks for broken links on page, links that are not working anymore - returning 404 code. You can select to check whole page, or just links in selection.

Summary of the features:
- Checks your websites for dead links
- Can scans 3000 web-pages
- Validates both internal and external URLs
- Shows problematic link's location is your HTML code !!!
- For bad URLs reports HTTP response code: 404 etc
- Can be used on Mac, iPad, Linux, UNIX, Windows 

3. Fireshot to save screenshots:
Fireshot: Screenshots can be saved to disk (PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP), printed (NEW), copied to clipboard, e-mailed and sent to external editor for further processing.

4. Firebug to monitor HTML:
Firebug: Integrates with Firefox to put a wealth of development tools at your fingertips while you browse. You can edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page.

5. Selenium used for regression testing:
Selenium: Used for functional testing

What are the components of selenium ?
Selenium IDE - Plugin to Firefox to record and play test in firefox
and also export tests in different languages. The most appealing
format is the html test case which seems to based on fit html .
Selenium RC- Allows playing of exported test in different platform/OS
Selenium Grid - Allows to control lots of selenium machines. 

6. Tool used for performance testing:
Web page performance (speed) - Page Speed generates its results based on the state of the page at the time you run the tool. To ensure the most accurate results, you should wait until the page finishes loading before running Page Speed. Otherwise, Page Speed may not be able to fully analyze resources that haven't finished downloading. 

7. Tool used to create video (steps to reproduce bug):
Screencast-O-Matic is the original free and easy way to create a video recording of your screen (aka screencast) and upload it for free hosting all from your browser with no install! 

8. Compatibility testing of browser:
Adobe BrowserLab [Provide screen shots]:

Adobe BrowserLab is an online hosted service that lets you test the pages of your web site across a variety of web browsers and operating systems. The service works by taking screen shots of your web pages in different browsers, and then displaying them in the BrowserLab application window.

You can use BrowserLab as a standalone service, or integrated with Dreamweaver CS4. The standalone service lets you test pages that you've posted to a server within the context of a web browser. If you use BrowserLab as an integrated service with Dreamweaver, you can test your pages from within Dreamweaver without publishing your pages to a server.

BrowserLab supports the following browsers:

• Firefox 2.0 - Windows XP
• Firefox 3.0 - Windows XP
• Firefox 3.5 - Windows XP
• Chrome 3.0 - Windows XP
• Internet Explorer 6.0 - Windows XP
• Internet Explorer 7.0 - Windows XP
• Internet Explorer 8.0 - Windows XP
• Safari 3.0 - Macintosh OS X
• Safari 4.0 - Macintosh OS X
• Firefox 2.0 - Macintosh OS X
• Firefox 3.0 - Macintosh OS X
• Firefox 3.5 - Macintosh OS X 

9. Compatibility testing of browser:
Browser Sandbox [Run any browser from the web]

• Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
• Internet Explorer 7
• Internet Explorer 6
• Mozilla Firefox 3.5
• Firefox 3
• Firefox 2
• Apple Safari 4
• Safari 3
• Google Chrome
• Opera 10
• Opera 9 

My Comments as a Tester:
a. Adobe BrowserLab will be helpful to compare the designs of multiple Browsers.
b. Browser Sandbox will be helpful to test the functionality and design on multiple Browsers.

10. powercfg /energy
Generate "Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report" by running the command powercfg /energy 

11. Summary:
1. Bug Tracking Tool: Bugzilla
2. Recording the bug in video format: Screencast-o-matic
3. Tool for taking Screen-shots for reporting the bug: Fireshot
4. Compatibility testing tools: Browser Sandbox and Adobe BrowserLab
5. Tool to Monitor CSS and HTML: Firebug
6. Tool to ensure valid HTML: HTML Validator
7. Performance Testing tool: Page Speed by Google
8. To find Broken Links: Pinger Ad-on and brokenlinkcheck
9. For checking the spelling of content: Spell Check
10. powercfg command

Related Testing Topic:

a. Black Box testing

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