Creativity of Software Testers

Re: CreativityThe comparison with the harvester and the hunter seems quite good!

However, the developer/designer should also fulfill the position of a “sower” as well. If they take care to “sow” the right stuff, there will be less to “de-weed” and as a result a better crop for all!!!

The harvest will of course be good too :)
After all, you reap what you sow!!

- C

Creativity of Testers:

As in many different professions, opportunities for creativity exist, but they are not all available at all levels. Comparing the tester's goals to the developer's goal, you can say that the developer looks for one solution that fits the specifications, while the tester has to (should) find all the defects that were introduced in the development process (from specificaiton to code). As such the challenge is much more interesting, just as the challenge for the "hunter" is greater than for the "harvester".

You will enjoy creativity in coming up with different attacks (methods for finding defects) to show presence (or absence) of defects. However, it is most likely that you will first have to execute tests created by others (less creativity here). Then you will have enough understanding of the different types of possible defects, and conceive new tests that others will execute (more creativity).

In the end you may come up with completely new paradigms on testing, and that is the greatest creativity possible.

The creativity is not based on company, nor on the team where you will work. It is based only on how you look at your work: if you limit yourself to executing again and again the same activity (without learning new things) then it will not be creative. If you limit the scope of your thoughts you will not find creativity. On the other hand, if you challenge your own knowledge and try to expand it always, then you will have the opportunity to be both creative and recognized by your peers.
Venkat has asked following simple question:

"I have a question. I am new to testing field.
Developers can not test there code while developing there code and save time? Sorry if my question sounds silly."

Then I gave him following answer:

1. Every director likes his own movie no matter movie is good or bad. Only audience can tell whether the movie is good or bad.

2. Mother of ugly child can not admit that her child is ugly. For her, her child is the most beautiful child in the world.

Similarly how can developer tell you that project has bug or not. A person who create anything can not find any bad thing in it.

If any one has other examples then please add below.

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