Desktop vs Web Applications

Desktop vs Client server vs Web Applications
a. Desktop application runs on personal computers and work stations.

b. Client server application you have two different components to test.  Application is loaded on server machine while the application (exe) on every client machine.

c. Web application: Application is loaded on the server whose location may or may not be known and no exe is installed on the client machine, you have to test it on different web browsers and different Operating Systems.

Difference between Desktop Applications and Web Applications
a. Installation: Desktop applications need to be installed separately on each computer whereas user can use Web application without installing anything on the PC.

b. Maintenance: In desktop applications, every change only reflects at the machine level. In web applications, any change in the program reflects everywhere.

c. Security: Web applications have more security risks than desktop applications. We can have a total control over the desktop applications and protect it from various vulnerabilities whereas web application is open to everyone on the internet.

d. Access from anywhere: Web application can be used from any PC by using any web browser where internet is available whereas for desktop application, we need specific PC where the application is installed.

e. Connectivity: Web application's performance mainly depends upon internet speed. Desktop applications do not face these issues.

f. Data Storage: In Desktop aplications, data is stored on the same PC where user is accassing the machine. In Web applications, data is stored remotely.

g. Compatibility: In Desktop application testing, major concern is to test the app on different hardwares as well as on different Operating Systems. In Web application testing, major concern is to test the web app in different browsers.

h. Monitor: In web application, its easier to monitor every user actions, get full statistics and feedback whereas we can not monitor user actions in Desktop application.


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