Negative Testing
1) Testing the application for fail conditions. For example entering the special characters for phone number.

2) Testing aimed at showing software does not work. Also known as "test to fail".

3) Negative testing is testing that is directed to showing that something will not work. It's such a natural part of regular testing that I doubt that most people know that there is both a "positive" and "negative" testing.

4) Negative Testing is simply testing the application beyond and below of its limits. For example:
A) We want to enter a name for that negative test can be first we enter numbers.
B) We enter some ASCII characters and we will check
C) First numbers and characters we will check
D) Name should have some minimum length below that we will check

5) Negative testing is testing the tool with improper inputs. For example entering the special characters for phone number.

6) Negative testing is kind of testing doing with the Boundary values, may be max val and min val or with some other kind of data type input etc.

7) Testing the application for fail conditions.

8) Here we test if system is doing something which it is not supposed to do. Example, In password field we try to enter only alphabets were as in requirement it is specified password should have at least 1 no, if it accepts only alphabets then test case is fail otherwise it's pass.

9) Negative testing is testing an application giving invalid data, for example entering wrong user id or wrong password to make the test unacceptable.

10) Negative testing is testing the application with negative assumptions and navigations to get a negative result which leads to positive one.

11) This is a type of testing which is done by tester's to make sure that the system works fine for the Inputs which the code dosen't designed for.

12) Negative testing is a testing which ensures that the application should not do what it is not supposed to do.

13) Negative testing is performed to check how the application works if an unexpected input is given which is out of requirements, to check the stability of the application. "For a error to be thrown it doesn’t throw error and error shouldn’t thrown it throws an error".

14) Testing the system using negative data is called negative testing, e.g. testing the password where it should be minimum of 8 characters so testing it using 6 characters is negative testing.

15) In negative testing, we check whether the application or system handles the exception properly or not. It is nothing but "Test to Break" testing.

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