Testing Experiences
1) Sometimes we are able to reproduce a bug but we do not find a proper scenario to reproduce it because of its intermittent occurrence:
I faced the similar problem while Ad-hoc teasing on a desktop application. I was getting crash on it while scrolling the tiles. But I was not able to reproduce it because of its rare occurrence. Then I decided to call other QC Engineer and I told him to do Monkey testing on it. While he was testing it randomly without any scenario, I was observing him. He was able to reproduce that issue couple of times. At one point of time I caught the exact scenario by which crash was occurring. Then I realized that sometimes Monkey testing is very helpful to trace a bug.

2) While working on a website, new functionality was implemented i.e. uploading the image from admin section which will be seen at client side.
Smoke testing which is performed to ensure  that application is ready for further testing was completed. Then Regression testing was in progress and we were confident that functionality is working fine. Suddenly I found that while uploading an image, site was crashed out. Before that I had used different types and sizes of images which were uploaded successfully without any crash on it. I was not able to understand why web page is crashing because same size and same type of images were easily uploading before. Then I stopped doing teasing and sit alone for sometime. Suddenly one point clicked on my mind and I enabled the extension option for files from the system. Then I found that its extension was in upper case (.JPG). Because of that application was crashing.
After few months I was assigned another application with similar feature on it. During Sanity Testing, first of all I executed the same scenario because of which I have faced lot of problem few months back. I changed the extension of .gif image to .GiF and tried to upload the image and found that crash occurs. Because of my past experience, I have reported this bug in early stage before starting the regression testing and saved the valuable time.
3) During my past experience I have realized that its very important that how to report a bug then how to communicate with developer and telling him about the bug.
As a Software Tester when we found a bug and report in bug tracking tool like in Bugzilla. But its our duty that we should describe steps to reproduce to developer when he need it. While doing this, we should consider few points:
a. We should know that developers treat software as their kid.
b. Nobody is allowed to tell them that their baby is ugly. By keep in mind this, we should tell him that if he will fix this bug, his baby (software product) will look beautiful.
c. Means we should be polite while addressing the developer.
d. We should not argue with them unnecessarily.
e. We should make them feel that QA Engineers are their friends and are here to help them so that software product will become Quality Software Product.

4) Database testing plays an important role while testing the application. 
During testing a tool in which we have to create number of projects and hundreds of rows for each project. It became easier for us when we started using database queries to Create, update and delete the projects and rows. Otherwise it could take hours to create many projects for further testing. We have also used Code injection technique i.e. SQL injection that exploits a security vulnerability occurring in the database of web application. We use the SQL injection commands for security purpose  to ensure that nobody can attack or harm the data of the database.


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