Installation Testing

1. Installation Testing on on Clean System: Desktop Application
a. Test the application by installing it on different operating system

b. Try to install the software without administrative privileges (e.g. login as guest)

c. Installer should give the remove and Repair options

d. Installer should give a default installation path say “C:\programs\.”

e. Installer should allow user to install at location other then the default installation path.

f. After installation, Application's Name, Icon, Publisher Name, Size of the app, Installation Date and Version Number should be displayed on "Programs and Features" window.

g. Required number of files should be saved on the default path.

h. Version number of the app in points "f" and "g" should be same

2. Upgrade Installation Testing: Installation of newer version on already installed older version
a. Follow the same steps mentioned above

b. Verify that after upgrade installation, no duplicacy should appear on "Programs and Features" window

c. Version number should be upgraded on "Programs and Features" window as well as on the path where files of the application are saved

d. Launch the application and verify that it is working perfectly

3. Downgrade Installation Testing: Installation of older version of the installer over newer version
a. Try to install older version of the installer over newer version

b. Older version should not be installed over newer version

c. An appropriate message should be displayed in this case

4. Uninstall: Desktop Application
a. After uninstalling, verify that all the registry keys, files, Dlls, shortcuts, active X components should be removed from the system.

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