HP Quality Center

Quality Center helps to organize and manage all phases of the application testing process, including defining releases, specifying requirements, planning tests, executing tests, and tracking defects.

Quality Center Modules or Phases
a. Releases: Define releases and cycles for managing the testing process.
b. Requirements: Specify your testing requirements.
c. Test Plan: Develop a test plan based on your testing requirements.
d. Test Lab: Run tests on your application and analyze the results.
e. Defects: Add/Update defects and analyze the data.
f. Business Components: Access to this module depends on QC license.

Common Elements of Each module:
1. Quality Center common toolbar: It includes Back, Forward, Tools, Help and Logout buttons.

2. Module menu bar: Displays the names of menus from which you select commands in the current Quality Center module.

3. Module toolbar: This is located below the menu bar. It contains buttons for frequently used commands in the current Quality Center module.

Specifying Releases and Cycles:
A release represents a group of changes in one or more applications that will be available for distribution at the same time. Each release can contain a number of cycles. A cycle represents a development and QA cycle based on the project timeline.

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